Intuitive Form
We, Toyota Design try to anticipate our customers’ needs and provide an experience where customers can enjoy driving a Toyota vehicle with excitement, yet at the same time with peace of mind.

PRIUSα, Single-Dial Air-Conditioning Control “Integration” Offers More Convenience

Three often-used functions—temperature setting, air flow adjustment, and air vent orientation are integrated into a single-dial air-conditioning control, enhancing operability and creating a simple yet refined design.

PPRIUS 3rd Generation, Touch Tracer; Easier and Safer Switch Operation

The Touch Tracer Display features touch controls located near the driver’s fingers on the steering wheel with the display of operations located on the centrally positioned instrument panel. The touch controls operate the often-used audio system, air conditioning and Eco-Drive Monitor functions.

Ractis, Welcab Series; Joy of Traveling Together; More Affordable than Ever. The Welcab Wheelchair-adapted Vehicle Type I With Passenger-side Rear Seat model is the first vehicle in Japan with wheelchair-adapted specifications that has received vehicle-type certification, and in-line production makes its price more affordable. (Vehicle inspection by the license plate-issuing authorities, usually required for specially modified vehicles, is unnecessary, thus reducing time to delivery.)

Allowing passengers to board and exit while in a wheelchair. The specially-adapted high roof (1,705 mm) ensures ample interior height.The rear-wheel air suspension with vehicle-height-adjustment function produces gentle wheelchair ramp angle (9.5 degree), facilitating ease of wheelchair boarding and exiting.

When eye levels match it makes for more natural conversation. The floor level has been adjusted to match the eye level of the wheelchair passenger with their seat mate, allowing for easier, more natural conversation.

“Welcab”: Vehicle equipped with features to aid people with disabilities.

Vitz, Super UV-reduction Glass (Front Side Windows) UV protection for you and your car

PASSO, Door-grip Tray. Manicure-friendly door-grip tray

Toyota’s Universal Design philosophy is based on the principles of “An Raku Tan”

“An” means reliable, as well as safe. “Raku” means fun, exciting, yet comfortable. “Tan” means simple and straightforward.

Putting them all together, Toyota builds vehicles that are reliable yet exciting, and comfortable to use for everyone.

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